I am an artist and a photographer.

My name is Lisa Levart


I have been photographing women as the divine feminine for over 20 years.  Affectionately nick-named the “Annie Leibovitz of Goddesses,” my work reveals the spirit of strong independent girls, creative ferocious women, powerful warrior activists and epic elders from around the world.


Goddess on Earth: ORACLE is my newest creation and available for pre-orders through Kickstarter HERE.


Oracle decks have long been embraced as a tool for divination, self-reflection and creative inspiration. This deck embraces all of these uses, while being centered on contemporary, feminist interpretations of myths.


Other recent work includes STORYKEEPERS: Women of the Indigenous World is a creative exploration of ancestral myths sustained by indigenous women worldwide. Using collaborative art making, Women of the Indigenous World draws viewers into a nature-loving world, ancient, contemporary, personal, and unabashedly - matriarchal. 


All images copyright Lisa Levart ©2020 Photographs may not be copied without permission.