My name is Lisa Levart.

I am an artist. This is my website. 


Inspired by mythology from all cultures. Motivated to re-remember our collective Herstory. Travelling the Globe, creating photographs, videos, multi-media installations, books and prints. All this to convey the resonant and multifaceted manifestations of the feminine spirit.


Goddess on Earth is my ongoing project for over fifteen years.  It’s a series of portraits that reveal the true spirit of strong independent girls, creative ferocious women, powerful warrior activists and epic elders from around the world.

My most recent work delves into the sacred stories from the Lenape Nation (Native American) and the Wabanaki Confederacy (First nations of Canada and Native American). Now I’m expanding this series to honor women’s stories from other indigenous peoples.  

STORYKEEPERS: Women of the Indigenous World is a creative exploration of ancestral myths sustained by indigenous women worldwide. Using collaborative art making, Women of the Indigenous World draws viewers into a nature-loving world, ancient, contemporary, personal, and unabashedly - matriarchal. 


All images copyright Lisa Levart ©2020 Photographs may not be copied without permission.