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New Goddess Sketches

For the past decade, I have traveled throughout the world-photographing women embodying Goddesses. These Goddess Portraits have been a unique opportunity for women to explore, identify and celebrate an ancient archetype and its relevance to their contemporary lives.

Goddess Sketches condense the creative process to under 15-minutes, and was developed with conferences in mind. These quick portraits include a short consultation (Find Your Goddess) and a photo session in an on-site photography studio. Here is a taste of what can be co-created!

artemisA Cybele Goddess SketchesAnna_Gaia Goddess on Earth Mnemosyne Goddess Sketch Amelia Martin Eos Goddess Sketch

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Artemis: Goddess of the Wilderness and Protectress of Animals, Ancient Greece

For the last 10 years, I’ve attended a women’s spirituality festival called “Where Womyn Gather” held in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I missed this year’s gathering because I was overseeing the printing of “Goddess on Earth” in Verona, Italy, but you can be sure I’ll be there next year!

It was at these gatherings that I was first exposed to the divine feminine and a vibrant, goddess loving community. Each year, for four delicious days, I felt the freedom to let my creative juices flow, gleaning inspiration and support from the other women attending. It is also there that I photographed Maya who chose to embody the goddess Artemis.

A free and wild spirit, the goddess Artemis is in harmony with nature. She is pure, like a virgin forest, driven and self-determined. I see these qualities as the embodiment of the goddess in her “Maiden” aspect. This stage of a woman’s life is symbolic of new beginnings, youthful enthusiasm, independence, and a time when one is growing into the woman she is to become. Although often associated with a young girl, I have chosen in my work to instead embrace “the Maiden” as a universal stage that can flower at any time in a woman’s life.

When I photographed Maya, she was just 12 years old, and beginning to deal with all the newness that comes with growing into your own skin. In her statement to accompany her photograph, she wrote:“ Artemis represents strength, independence, self-reliance, and courage – all qualities I wish I had.” Maya found power and inspiration in Artemis during this important time of self-discovery as she is finding herself, and learning who and all she wants to become.

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