“This is an extraordinary book. As I leafed through its pages, I could not stop grinning. A couple of times, I am pretty sure that I may have stopped breathing. The beauty of a photograph — a Goddess archetype embodied in a contemporary woman — stopped me cold.”

Joanna Powell Colbert, Sage Magazine


“With her brilliant photography, Lisa Levart brings to life her vision that deep inside every woman is a goddess. And by showing us this truth, indeed, goddesses we become. Each page of Lisa’s gorgeous book will delight you, as every woman reveals her authentic goddess persona”

Gloria Feldt, Renowned Author, Feminist Activist, Former CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America


In one form or another, every woman on Earth is an embodiment of the Goddess. Let this book inspire you to claim your own divinity.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup, New York Times Best-Selling Health and Wellness Author


“It’s an honor to be one of the first people to hold and experience your book, touch something sacred, a beautiful and remarkable body of work.”

Avalon Magazine, Dream Issue, 2011


“A beautiful coffee table book that features iconic as well as everyday women, each portraying her favorite goddess from the legends of Greece and Rome, Celtic and Native American tradition, ancient Egypt and China, and a variety of others.”

Gwyn McAllister, The Martha’s Vineyard Times


“It’s time for the goddess now! Opening this book is opening to awe. You are the goddess. Looking into this book is looking into the mirror of your sacred being. You are the goddess. Reading this book is reading the words of the longings of your innermost heart. You are the goddess. No one is better at revealing the goddess within, within every woman, than Lisa Levart. Cherishing her work, this book, nourishes an enriches the goddess within us all. It’s time.”

Susun S. Weed, author Wise Woman Herbal Series


A beautiful book. Informative. Inspiring. A legacy.”

Olympia Dukakis, Academy Award Winning Actress


“Now, more than ever, it is important to see the diversity in which women show up in their power. Lisa Levart has done that in Goddess on Earth. Not only is she expressing a powerful creative voice, but also revealing many beautiful goddesses of today. 11:11 Magazine applauds Lisa Levart for sharing her gifts so boldly and beautifully with the planet.”

Simran Singh, 11:11 Magazine Publisher & 11:11 Talk Radio Host


“Having followed Lisa Levart’s “Goddess” project since it’s inception, I have always been impressed by her intense connection she creates with her subjects. Wise, fierce, tender, and at their best, joyful, Lisa’s portraits are a testament to the spirit of these creative and impassioned women.”

Toby Jurovics, Curator of Photography, Smithsonian American Art Museum


“In Lisa Levart’s photographs we find the essence of the Goddess meets each woman’s personalities, and therefore the essential qualities of the Goddess helps to reveal the essential qualities of each woman”

Starhawk, Author, Activist


“I… opened the gorgeous book Goddess on Earth by Lisa Levart, and there I spent the next few hours total entranced by her amazing visual celebration of the Divine Feminine.

I could not put it down until I finished the whole thing. But that was just the fist reading. I shall be back in its lush pages. And often!”

– Donna Henes, Author, Spiritual Teacher


“I will never be the same!”

Grace Knowlton, Artist


“Extraordinary work of art — it’s more than a book, it’s a journey into my soul” , “We need a book like that for all us women to discover our own goddess(es) inside, love ourselves even more and be encouraged in living our power”, “I wept over the beauty of it”, “Thank you to Lisa for making this very inspiring book and to all of you who shared yourselves in its pages”, “I look at Goddess on Earth almost every day. I always find some meaningful inspiration or emotion when I sit down with it.”, “Just received this beautiful book in the mail. What a treat!!”, “My body is still vibrating from the experience of the launch party last night of this amazing work of art. Thank you Lisa and thank everyone who made this special gift possible for all to share.”, “Love Love Love this Book. It’s beautiful and inspiring!” ,”I know I will enjoy this book for years to come. It makes a wonderful gift, truly, for any woman. Her talent blew me away!”

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