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Radio Interviews

iEat Green - Bhavani Jaroff

Downloads and Links

9/15/11- Goddess on Earth Book to be Released – Press Release
Photographs and Insights of Everyday Women as Goddesses. Real Women Exploring and Celebrating Their Power, Strength & Beauty.
Download Press Release

10/12/11- What People are Saying about Goddess on Earth
Download Here

12/12/11- Avalon Magazine “Interview with a Goddess of Divine Femininity”
Download Here

1/3/12- Martha’s Vineyard Times “Rose Styron Channels Inner Goddess for Photo Collection”
Open Link Here

1/3/12- 11:11Magazine, January/February 2012 “Goddess on Earth”
Download Here

2/01/13 -Huffington Post Blog Rise Up With Terpsichore

1/03/13 -Huffington Post Blog Women Connecting Worldwide

11/06/12- Huffington Post Blog The Final Debate: Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

9/24/12- Huffington Post Blog Goddess Bless America; My Wild and Crazy Fantasy

8/16/12- Huffington Post Blog Finding Beauty in the South Bronx with Majora Carter

7/16/12- Huffington Post Blog A Reluctant Activist Gets Tutored By Gloria Feldt and Lilith

6/19/12- Huffington Post Blog Men and the Divine Feminine

4/30/12- Huffington Post Blog This Mother’s Day: Celebrate Women Who Can Save the World

2/21/12- Huffington Post Blog How to Find the Creative Balance

1/4/12- Huffington Post Blog ‘Goddess on Earth'; Women Sustaining Each Other

11/15/11- Huffington Post Blog A Path to Power and Wholeness

10/03/11- Huffington Post Blog Am I Ready to Be a Crone

8/25/11- Huffington Post Blog Lessons Learned from Everyday Goddess