Censored on Facebook!

KALI Chrisoula Shanti Quinn Where Womyn Gather 2015

Chrisoula Shanti Quinn
Where Womyn Gather 2015

Hard to believe, but facebook has censored this new Kali image! Pretty outrageous.

Here it is for those that didn’t have a chance to view it during the seven or eight hours it was live.

All women are the embodiment of Kali, the Supreme Goddess, for she is the Ultimate Feminine – both Creator and Destroyer. “Kali” means “time” in Sanskrit, as she is beyond any notion of time and free from “Maya” or illusions of consciousness. Her nudity is a testament to Her transparency and Liberation from the bonds off Maya. Her three eyes symbolize what was, what is and what will be. With Her mouth wide open, she catches the blood spill of slain sinners on her protruding tongue. Her mala of decapitated heads and belt of severed hands of sinners bear witness to her power to Destroy. Of Kali’s four hands, one holds a sword, the second a demon head, while with the remaining two she encourages her “children”. Her skin is black as all colors combine and she is ALL. As a fiercely protective and nurturing mother, I channel Kali. As a Truth Sayer and activist, I channel Kali. As an artist and authentic person, I channel Kali. I can think of no other Goddess I would wish to portray, as Kali is the Ultimate. I can only hope that my attempt to do so pleases Her…my humble obeisance to the Glory of Kali!” – Chrisoula Shanti Quinn, Fiber/ Found Objects Artist


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