Gaia: Goddess of the Earth, Ancient Greece

Last week we celebrated Mother’s Day and there is no better Goddess to reflect on during the month of May than Gaia, the personification of Mother Earth. Gaia, one of the first deities in existence,  is said to have emerged from Chaos – the primordial abyss, giving birth to the sky and the sea. She is a symbol of all life in nature and the abundance of the earth’s bounty.

I have a friend who is a remarkable mid-wife with a large practice here in Nyack. A few days after helping with a home birth she phoned me to recommend the mother, Marin, as a Goddess subject. Within days of this introduction, Marin welcomed me into her house, proudly sharing the joys of her home birth and we made a Goddess portrait that shimmers with a lush chiaroscuro lighting.

Marin is a genuinely warm and calm woman, a beautiful embodiment of the character and nature of Mother Earth. She is so committed and dedicated to helping other women experience a natural birth that she is now a trained birth doula, She offers physical, emotional and spiritual support to mothers during the birthing process, coaching and walking women through this sacred rite of passage.

As she embraces the difficulties and beauty alike all around her, she exudes love and a motherly care that puts you at ease. Our photo session was a joy as Marin was so comfortable in front of the camera with her children, and I feel privileged to know another great woman living locally and actively instrumentally in the lives of others.



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