Hathor: Egyptian Goddess of Beauty and Sexuality

I met Jan while walking the festive streets of Nyack during one of their seasonal street fairs. I noticed her from a distance, as her dynamic character was apparent, as was her striking appearance. She was no doubt intriguing, and I thought she would portray a goddess wonderfully. I approached her and after introducing myself, explained my project. Jan was interested and enthusiastic right away, and said she would research what goddess she would choose to embody.

Jan decided upon the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor, who nurtures and embraces life in all its ecstatic expressions; joy, song, laughter and dance. We took a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens to photograph this session, where the lush, tropical  plants in the Haupt Conservatory helped put us in an Egyptian state of mind! Not only did the photo shoot go smoothly, but Jan’s approach to life and all of its different aspects shone through this goddess, as she really does embrace the beauty all around with a confident and playful eye. Jan is a mother, grandmother and successful entrepreneur, and her portrait, to me, is an iconic “Mother” image; conveying a fullness of life, a creative woman pregnant with possibilities, willing and able to give and receive love.

My question for you is, which goddess are you? What goddess or sacred myth can you find yourself relating to, being inspired by, or striving to be? It was a pleasure to serendipitously meet and get to know Jan, and I hope you may find some inspiration in this chance story and goddess portrayal, as it is something within reach! “Live to inspire, and be inspired.”



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